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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

And so the madness fades

With a mighty heave-ho, that 3 won't go, my dream NCAA bracket goes down in flames. How do Luther Head and DeRon Williams miss four wide open threes with the game on the line? Sigh. Oh well, it was a fun run while it lasted. I was the highest scoring person who picked the final game wrong, which is worth, um, well, nothing actually.

It was a fun game, though, and I was pumping my fist like Tiger Woods at the Masters when Illinois was making their run. They just couldn't quite get over that hump-- if they had managed to take the lead, I think the game was theirs, but they just couldn't quite get that last basket to break Carolina's back. Give both teams a lot of credit-- Illinois for scratching back from a 13 point half-time deficit, and Carolina for not folding down the stretch after watching that big lead slip away to nothing. Two great teams putting the exclamation point on one of the most memorable Big Dances of my lifetime.

In other sports news-- the Brewers are in 1ST PLACE! Woot, we're heading for the pennant, bay-bee! Cy Young for Sheets, Rookie of the Year for Hardy, Cirillo for MVP! Okay, okay, I'll settle down now. But it was nice to see a little offense out of the Brewers, and getting an opening day win is always a good thing.
As one who lives in the heart of ACC country, I was not pleased see Carolina go through the 3rd, 2nd, and best team in the Big Ten. Yikes. I get very tired of hearing how the ACC is undeniably the best Bball conference in the country. I seem to recall Michigan State beat Duke, Wisconsin beat NC State, and Wake lost to WV. Oh well. Wait til next year.
This is about basketball, right? It's hard for me to imagine caring this much, but there are things that I'm passionate about, too, so I guess I need to try substituting basketball in my thoughts about family, sex, rock and roll, etc. Then maybe I'll get it.
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