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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

14 Types of Spam

I've been getting a lot of spam lately. Not just on my personal hotmail account, but also on my work account. So, the delete link gets a workout. But I have noticed a tendency of the work spammers to have some rather unconventional "names" on the spam originating accounts. Many are quite amusing. So, I wrote down my spammers' "names" for a week, and the results are as follows:
  • Wedging I. Convection
  • Goliath C. Hanger
  • Conventional H. Pyrotechnics
  • Kookaburra A. Trailing
  • Synched O. Oversampling
  • Tuna O. Breech
  • Lawrence G. Junkyard
  • Thicket E. Rochester
  • Mews Q. Narcissus
  • Mingus I. Drubbing
  • Abash O. Centenarians
  • Vehicles I. Honcho
  • Overtone R. Lela
  • Carcasses S. Superiors
  • So, which one is your favorite? I'm rather fond of Kookaburra A. Trailing, but I do like Carcasses S. Superiors and Conventional H. Pyrotechnics as well. Wedging I. Convection sounds... painful, I guess, and Goliath H. Hanger sounds like a pornstars screen name. I'm not a big fan of the ones that have actual names in them, like Lawrence G. Junkyard. Tuna O. Breech is good, too. A fine Irish lass, Ms. Tuna O'Breech. Very sad the way the mean lads in the village taunt her with nicknames like Fishgirl and Chicken of the Sea.
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