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Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

It was a good Easter weekend. Went up to my in-laws house in Door County, right on Lake Michigan Friday night, and the moon was nearly full over the lake that evening. It was cold, too cold for the date, but it wasn't bitter, and the crispness of the temperature somehow cast the soft beauty of the moon reflecting down on the lake into a sharper relief. One of those moments where you just breathe deeply and enjoy a moment of solitude and reflection before re-immersing yourself in life. Saturday was spent with the kids and their grandparents and later, watching some truly remarkable basketball. Then Easter morning at a beautiful church in Door County before departing for my brunch with my folks, grandma, sister, aunt and uncle and cousins. Hectic, but nice. More awesome basketball back at my parent's house, where I diligently avoided several potential landmines in discussions about Terri Schiavo, public education and the evil Republican neocons. It was nothing like this (no, not the BLEAT graphic, though that is nice), but then again it was. Because it was family, and because time does this thing to all of us.

Which, to bring it all full circle, is rather the point of Easter.


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