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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Some more Schiavo analysis

Not mine. Other folks. Most of these links confirm for me that since I play a libertarian on the internet, I made the right call in changing my initial support for congressional overreach on the Schiavo case. I wonder if this whole mess will resonate at all during the '06 mid-terms. I kind of doubt it, but you never know.

In addition, this case has resulted in Kos and Derbyshire being on the same side of an issue. I wonder if that has ever happened before. Seems somewhat unlikely. Oh, and I meant to ask-- if any of the liberals who have recently browsed the site followed the link to National Review Online, did your head actually explode? Just curious.
Although I heve visited from time to time, I try to avoid NRO; mainly for the reason that life's too short, and I would rather spend time smacking myself in the face with a cricket bat.

well, not really, but I think the NRO contributors show a marked tendency not to be the Libertarian free thinkers they claim to be, but Republian Party apologists and water-carriers.

Furthermore, they tend not to exhibit the admirable trait which you have expressed in a couple of posts: the ability to admit being mistaken and change your mind as new information is taken in. The mark of a functioning intellect.

But really, I grew up during the NIxon Administration, was in college during Reagan-Bush, and now two terms of GWB. Takes quite a bit to make my head explode.
I am going to take a very unpopular stance here and say that I don't care. This woman was dead the day she got too much potassium and had a heart attack in my book. Her body just didn't catch on. I fully agree with the supreme court rejecting the appeal. It is a state problem.
Is the money running out from the malpractice lawsuit that has been paying the bills for the last fifteen years?
Why didn't they fulfill her wishes on day three, or three hundred? Why now?

Anyone got any idea why this thing shows up with all the posts in the sidebar when I view it with Safari?
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