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Friday, March 25, 2005

One last Terri link

Okay, I may be lying. There may be more than just this one more. At any rate, some interesting thoughts and links from Andrew Sullivan:

THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT VERSUS MARRIAGE: Dahlia Lithwick highlights yet another conservative inconsistency in the Schiavo case. What this case comes down to is the right of a spouse to determine his or her incapacitated spouse's fate in the absence of a living will. Civil marriage is indeed a unique and special legal bond. The social right believes this. But they only believe it when it suits them. If it can be used to marginalize and stigmatize gay couples, they are insistent. If it is an obstacle to their absolutist views on feeding tubes for human beings who have ceased to be able to feel, think or emote, then they discard it. Here's a Tom DeLay quote that says it all:

"I don't know what transpired between Terri and her husband. All I know is Terri is alive. ... Unless she has specifically written instructions in her hand, with her signature, I don't care what her husband says."

So much for the "sanctity of marriage." With each passing month, the cynicism and power-lust of these people become clearer and clearer. Here's a principle: the government should stay out of living rooms, bedrooms and marital bonds. That used to be called conservatism.

If you haven't read Andrew's stuff, I encourage you to do so. Although I don't agree with all of his stances, he is a consistently thoughtful voice in an increasingly polarized and screed filled blogosphere.

UPDATE: I forgot this earlier. Troy suggested I provide links to online Living Will sites. Great idea! I have no idea how legitimate or cost-appropriate any of these places are, so Buyer Beware. The best idea is probably to contact a local lawyer, though I imagine it will be more costly.

UPDATE: A nice summation by Glenn Reynolds, I think. And I have one request for both sides of the political aisle in this and all other debates. Can we please, for the love of Pete, stop with ALL THE FRIGGIN' NAZI ANALOGIES! First we have the folks on the left calling Bush, Rove, Ashcroft and other Republicans Nazis. Now the unhinged faction of the Republican and conservative right have responded in kind by equating the Schiavo case with Nazi Germany's extermination of the mentally ill and disabled. Aye carumba. Step back for a moment folks and take a deep breath. Sheesh!

Next up-- still more on Ward Churchill! Faculty around the country are rallying to his defense. If only they could count....


err Nick... is it still OK to call the cable companies Nazis. I agree the whole Nazi analogy thingy is a bit overdone... but 'cmon... there are Nazis you know... and if you look real close at cable ads I am sure you can see a watermark swastika in the bottom left corner.
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