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Friday, March 25, 2005

Oh THAT Ivory Tower: Oh the humanity!

U.S. faculty members are implored to rally 'round that paragon of virtue, that defender of all that is right and good and just in the world, Ward Churchill. He's being dogged by the MAN, man, and, like, we have to stand up to the MAN. No blood for oil! Oh wait. That's not it. Wrong rallying cry. Hmm... how about, Stand By Your Man? Too twangy?

Enough already. First question-- were there no math faculty reading this letter that could've pointed out that having two #11's (but this one goes to eleven) and two #12's probably wasn't the best way to make the point that these are serious issues being presented by serious intellectuals?


As I'm sure you know, in recent weeks Ward Churchill's substantive critiques of U.S. policies and practices have been conveniently buried in a frenzy of increasingly ugly personal attacks.

The local media (along with Bill O’Reilly) and the political forces behind them have made no secret of their agenda to destroy Ward’s reputation and career, along with academic freedom, tenure and ethnic studies at CU.
A rousing start, no? With two little sentences, each so fraught with import they needed their own paragraph, Churchill's actual "critiques" have been 'conveniently buried', to borrow a phrase, and rather than Churchill having to take any responsibility for his statements, the fallout from said statements is now entirely due to shadowy political forces with quite the extensive agenda.

But time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future, and I must depart for the nonce. I hope to pick up this lovely bit of hyperbolic tripe and propoganda on Monday. In the meantime, weigh in on it if you wish-- there's plenty to rip on for everyone, so don't be shy. Dig in!

Happy Easter everyone!


eh. Give it the attention it merits. Frankly, none.

Free Republic commenters routinely say more reprehensible things on a daily basis, and to a larger, more impressionable audience.

So grab the iPod and crank up the Friday Random Ten:

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see http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/category/music/friday-random-ten/ for details if you haven't seen em yet.
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