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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

More family blogging

Okay, the first picture of my kids doesn't do my daughter justice, though I do like Jacob's shades. So, here are the two of them from this past Christmas season:

This was taken at the Milwaukee County Zoo on the opening night for their light display. Since we are members, we got to see the preview one night ahead of the unwashed masses. Pretty cool, and fortunately the weather wasn't too cold. Tell that to the critters, of course, most of which were either asleep or indoors or both. But it was still fun to be wandering around the zoo after normal hours and with some very pretty light displays to boot. Plus, Santa, reindeers, crafts and the train. One of those evenings you'd like to preserve in amber if you could. I believe the two reindeer kind enough to pose with the kids were Vixen and Blitzen, but I could be wrong. We have one with good old Rudie from that evening as well.

Here's one of my two favorite girls:

Judging from Nicole's braids, I'd guess this is around July 4, 2004.


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