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Thursday, March 17, 2005

March Madness!

And so that annual rite of spring begins-- 63 teams going home losers and only 1 left to celebrate at the end. My alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, is the very first game to tip off. Go Panthers! They were up by 13 over Alabama at halftime, but 'Bama has come out hot in the second half, and the lead is down to 8 with fifteen minutes to go. I fear some serious knuckle-biting is in store for me. If the Panthers can keep hitting their 3's (currently shooting over 50% from beyond the arc) they should win. If not... well, let's not think about that right now. Go UWM!

Update: Panthers still up by 8 with six minutes to go! Come on boys, finish the Tide off!

Update: Panthers by 11 with four minutes to go!

Update: 69-58 with 3:29 to play! Oh man, oh man, oh man. This would be so amazingly brilliant! Gonna be a long 210 seconds.

Update: No! A travel followed by a personal foul! What are you doing?! Don't let them score with the clock stopped. Argghh! 71-63 with 2:36 to go.

Update: Up 11 with 1:52 left! Go boys!

UPDATE: Final score, 83-73, UWM takes out the Crimson Tide! Woot! Double Woot! The only downside is that Coach Bruce Pearl is probably gone, but what the heck-- this is still awesome! Congratulations UWM!!


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