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Friday, March 18, 2005

March Madness, redux!

Have I mentioned I love this time of year? Tonight was awesome. My wife is at work (not that awesome, but necessary), so I had time to hang with the kiddies, got them off to bed by 8ish, and got to watch the last ten minutes or so of the Wisconsin vs. Northern Iowa game. All I can say is, 'Phew! Am I glad that game is over.' Though my alma mater is UWM, I've always been a Wisconsin Badger fan as well. So, rock on teams from Wisconsin!

On top of the joy of the Badgers winning was the joy of consuming frozen Thin Mints and milk while doing so. Life can be good. Thin Mints are mana from heaven in any case, but frozen, they take on an extra special something. The minty, crunching, almost plastic-like feel of the outside of the frozen Thin Mint is quite extraordinary. In the words of Mel Brooks, "It's good to be the king."

For anyone who cares, in my Not-Office-Pool, I am presently 24-4, having picked the entire Chicago bracket correctly. I will do the same for the Albuquerque bracket if GT can take care of GW. Not doing quite is well in the other two brackets, where I'm 4-2 in each, but so far I've only lost one sweet sixteen team, so that's pretty good. The games I've missed so far: Minnesota, New Mexico (my one sweet sixteen team to lose in round 1 so far-- how do you score 11 points in an entire half?), Syracuse (thankfully, I have them losing in round 2) and Iowa. I am currently rooting for Bucknell, because even though I picked Kansas, I have the Jayhawks losing in round 2 to Wisconsin. Go... err... anybody know Bucknell's mascot?

BTW-- I say Not-Office-Pool because most librarians really have no interest in sports. The Packers generate some interest amongst my peers at UW-Parkside, but basketball is barely recognized, and I'm not sure any of them even know that Wisconsin still has a professional baseball team. Well, it's the Brewers, so perhaps we don't. So, the pool is being run by a friend. I guess it actually is an office pool, just not my office. Anyway, a strong start-- hopefully the trend will continue deep into the tourney.
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