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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Madness is getting serious

I made the mistake of checking where I was in my Not-Office-Pool. Big mistake. I knew I was doing well, but it turns out I'm in first place. Yikes! Now I'm actually getting a bit nervous about the games tomorrow and Friday. If my sweet sixteen picks pan out pretty well... well, I'll just wait and see. Wish me luck. Go Louisville, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Duke, Kentucky and Oklahoma State. Illinois too, I suppose (I have them winning it all), but man it would be sweet if UWM made it to the elite eight. Ack! I have a conflict of interest. I must recuse myself. Oh wait, I'm not a judge. Phew!

My flatlander (i.e., person from Illinois) friend responded to my last post, and he makes a much better argument than last time. I still disagree with him, but I give his position a lot more credit than his previous snide commentary. Check out the discussion on the comments page.

I hope to post a bit later on my school district's current attempt to guilt all of us tax payers into giving them more dough-- and ask the question, "If the school district is short of money, should they really be sending out bulk mailers asking for more money?"
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