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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Family blogging

Okay, time to fill in some of these gaps. And if that's the goal, then I pretty much have to start with the family. A good bunch, all in all-- I have been very blessed. First up on the stage, and with her permission, is my lovely wife, Jennifer:

And right on her heels (sometimes literally), my two children, six and four:

Please note as well the stuffed animals in the sturgeon/car/sculpture. The polar bear is Puffy, my daughter's favorite, and the pink dog is Bubbletape, a close second. It is an indication of the times that Nicole elected to name the dog Bubbletape after Jennifer suggested that the pink looked like bubblegum. Nicole's principle exposure to bubblegum has been the long, rolled up version-- bubbletape-- not the gumball version I grew up with. And, of course, the penny or nickel gumball machines are now a quarter-- or even $.50!

Curious about the sturgeon/car/sculpture? It's art! It's commerce! It's Sturgeon Bay in the summer! Every summer, for the past three or four, they've (Chamber of Commerce) commissioned (I think-- perhaps the artists work for free but receive part of the auction price) to make sturgeons into art. Then they put the sculptures up around town for the summer and at the end of the summer, auction them off for charity. What a country!


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