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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Soul of the DNC

By Special Libertarian Librarian Correspondent John Heeder

What kind of national party do the democrats want? Some of that will be settled in primaries today. One-woman wrecking crew Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is facing a primary, as is Senator Joe Lieberman.

Cynthia is a card-carrying member of the moonbat left. Joe is what passes for a moderate among the democrats. Both Joe and Cynthia are facing stiff opposition in their primaries. Both are behind in polls.

In the “increasing republican chances in November” category, I’d like to see Cynthia win and Joe lose. The democrats would then wear the “party of extreme lunatics” hat in the election.

In the “good for the country” category, I’d like to see Joe win and Cynthia lose. The entire country would be better off.

So really, this is a win-win!

So tune in to your favorite news web site tomorrow. Moonbats, or moderates; who will the democrats be?


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