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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lamont, in His Own Words

By Special Libertarian Librarian Correspondent John Heeder


The Democrats Mean Business -- Washington needs an entrepreneurial approach.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT

In a piece on today’s OpinionJournal.com, Net Lamont does a fair job of presenting himself to the world.

I hope Nick doesn’t mind if I jump in here. It’s not like his productivity is crowding this page; Nick, the vacation is over! Get to work!

Fiscal Policy

Ok, back to Lamont. Lamont’s fiscal approach is rather conservative. He comes across as a Rockefeller country-club style republican. The rhetoric promises a pragmatic, market-driven and people-invested approach to handling the economy. (Not mentioned, but surely in place, is the liberal social policy. Yep, sounds like a RCCSP.) Good enough.

I’m too cynical to believe any of his points will actually see any implementation. First of all, this isn’t the first time a candidate said that Washington should be run like a business. Second of all, there are too many liberal groups out there thinking they’ve earned a piece of the Lamont pie. They’ll choke and sputter in outrage at any kind of market-driven programs.

Still, as long as he’s not lying, or as long as he wrote this, and not some twenty-year-old ghost writer, then give him credit on his economic position. The chances are real good he won’t ever be the senator from Connecticut, but maybe his influence will propel some sane economic policy.

Ned Lamont’s Guide to Winning the War on Terror

“We start with the strongest, best-trained military in the world, and we'll keep it that way. But here's how we'll get stronger by changing course. We must work closely with our allies and treat the rest of the world with respect. We must implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and put in place real protections for ports, airports, nuclear facilities and public transit.”

While Lamont may earn a B- on his economic policies, his ideas on winning the war on terror are thin at best, and earn a F. It should be evident by now that we are in a clash of civilizations. And the barbarian side of that clash doesn’t give a damn if we respect them or not. They want us to die. They have no intention of living in peace with us.

Lamont’s plan sounds like isolationism. Pull back behind the walls, and let the rest of the world go to hell. That didn’t work in Colonial times, it didn’t work in WW I, it didn’t work in WW II. Isolationism didn’t win the Cold War.

The world is smaller than ever, and inter-connected at thousands of levels. Giving the world up to terrorism will drag us down as well. United States military intervention is vital.

Judging Lamont by his own words reveals a reasonable man. His ideas for dealing with Islamic Fascists, however, are fatally flawed.


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