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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Send Them Home – For Their Own Good

Send Them Home – For Their Own Good

Special Libertarian Librarian Correspondent John Heeder

Its time to set the slaves free. By slaves, I mean the illegal aliens this country is awash in. I’ve seen them.

In the course of pursuing a career in the software development industry, I’ve set foot in dozens of office buildings in Utah and Salt Lake County, here in the state of Utah. I’ve worked contract, and been employed by nearly 20 companies in the last ten years. In the course of seeking those jobs, or working in these buildings, there’s been one cheerless constancy in all those locations: ill-dressed, non-English speaking brown-skinned men working on the grounds or cleaning the bathrooms.

Why are they here? They’re mostly taking care of their families. Who is benefiting from their presence? Rich American landlords, and the corrupt government of Mexico. What do these men (and women) gain? A few dollars, sent to Mexico, to keep their families afloat for another week or so.

These all-but-slaves live in hovels in the bad parts of town. They are usually jammed into these places in number that exceed legal residence limitations. They are paid less than the legal minimum. They are offered no medical benefits. So how are these conditions all that different from slavery?

Not by much.

Unlike generations of other immigrants, who improved their lot for themselves and their children, these slaves never will have improved situations here in America. They send their excess funds to other countries. They’ll never save up for their own homes, higher education, good medical care, and the like. They’ll never have the money to send their kids to good colleges. They’ll stay in those hovels without hope of improvement.

As long as Mexico offers nothing for them, but is happy to ship them off to us, this problem will never be solved. As long as rich Americans and unethical civil rights activists want to use these people in various schemes, this problem will never be solved. As long as the border remains open and porous, this problem will never be solved. These poor and uneducated and unskilled of Mexico will never have a better life. Generation after generation will pass in grinding poverty and hopelessness.

Make Mexico deal with its own problems. We, the United States, are not a pressure relief valve for our southern neighbor. Build a fence along the border.

When that is done, send the slaves home – for their own good.


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