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Friday, June 16, 2006

Here’s One for Nick

Here’s One for Nick

Special Libertarian Librarian Correspondent John Heeder


Leveling the Playing Field

A university is forced to treat white professors equally. (!!!)

Talk about back wages due: A federal judge in Phoenix this month said that Northern Arizona University owes $1.4 million to a group of professors who have been pursuing justice through the courts since 1995. The 40 teachers, all white men, argued that they were discriminated against when the public university gave raises to minority and female faculty members in the early 1990s but not to white males. Not only that--the plaintiffs said in a Title VII civil-rights suit--the salary bumps resulted in some favored faculty members earning more than white men in comparable positions.

Read the article. Then imagine you’re a pasty-white librarian toiling away in the university system of Wisconsin. One day, you discover you’ve been passed over for raises simply because of your skin color.

Why, it’d be enough to turn you into a Libertarian!


Interesting. For the record, I am not "a pasty-white librarian toiling away...." I have a very nice farmer's tan, thank you.

And, honestly, I don't toil all that much-- I like my job, I'm good at it, and it does take up my time (it is, after all, a job-- and yes, I do work, tc.) But it isn't toil. Working in a factory, or in the fields, or in a restaurant-- that's toil.
Sorry, didn't mean to offend Nick.

For the record, I worked as a Librarian in college, in the main library at P-ville, and the architectural library at SARUP. And I WAS pasty white.

I have great respect for Librarians, I think they are the keepers of the flame. If anything, they don't get enough respect.

My favorite story involves working in the Periodicals department. For who-knows-what reason, the periodicals were shelved on a separate floor, and filed the old-fashioned way-alphabetically. But that wouldn't stop someone from coming up on the average of once every two weeks, to ask where Time magazine might be located.


Blank look.


Blank look.

"Down there, four rows".

dawning comprehension...nope false alarm.

"See the little signs? Down there is one that has a T on it... right after the S. Yes! That's It!!!"

The school featured a Phys Ed curriculum, as well as Industrial tech and Criminal Justice.

It was pretty common knowledge that the Library featured a complete collection of Playboy, but since the majority of the holdings were on microfilm, they were pretty safe from most of these guys.

But you're right, it still isn't toiling.
No offense taken-- I do have a very nice farmer's tan. My brother on the other hand....

Periodicals are usually kept on a separate level for the simple reason that most floors of library can not accomodate the space needed for both the stacks (non-reference books) and the periodicals. As to Playboy-- UWM also has a full run, in paper. But up in the special collections department, which means you have to actually ask for them, and you have to use them in the special collections reading room.

We librarians are such killjoys! =)
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